Rick Bailes

Currently residing:
Millbrook, Al.

When I was young I had a very good friend that was a jeweler at the local jewelry store.
He made jewelry and all of the repairs for several stores around the area. I loved to watch him create a piece of jewelry. As time went on I started helping him make and repair jewelry.

Making and repairing jewelry became a passion and I read about minerals, gem stones and about making jewelry and repairs and expanded my knowledge by gaining GIA in identification and grading precious stones and diamonds and hands on experience in all types of jewelry, jewelry manufacturing and repair processes. I have kept my training current by receiving many hours of continuing education in appraising and evaluating jewelry for customers.

Over the years I made substantial investments in my passion and purchased laser welding equipment and other various equipment, tools and accessories of the trade. I can now cast my own mountings and findings and make finished fine jewelry.

Now my dream has come true and I have my own retail store “Cloverdale Jewelers” at 3326 Main Street, Millbrook, Al. 334-201-8444